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Beckwood leverages nearly 40 years of hydraulic press engineering and manufacturing experience to produce high-quality hydraulic press systems for a wide range of industries and applications. Beckwood presses range from 1-3,000+ tons and include gib or straight side presses, post or column style presses, c-frame floor and c-frame bench presses and the Triform line of sheet hydroforming presses.

Beckwood hydraulic presses feature modular construction, with structures engineered for Infinite Life using state-of-the-art 3D design software. Raw materials and other purchased components are exclusively from top-of-the-line suppliers conditioned to handle the toughest applications. Beckwood customers also benefit from an industry-leading service & support team, dedicated to our customers’ success, beyond implementation. 

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Press Examples

75 Ton Hot Forming Press

Hydraulic Press Example: 510

Capacity: 75 Tons

Press Type: Hot Forming Press (Heated Platen Press)

Highlights: High Temperature Heated Platens, Automatic Insulated Doors, Active Leveling Control (ALC), Recipe Handling

500 Ton Drawing & Blanking Press Example

Hydraulic Press Example: 502

Capacity: 500 Tons

Press Type: Drawing & Blanking

Highlights: 8-Point Gib-Guided, Programmable Bed Cushion, Active Dampening System, Recipe Functionality, Part Ejector

Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming

Hydraulic Press Example: 521

Capacity: NA Tons

Press Type: Deep Draw Sheet Hydroforming

Highlights: Inexpensive tooling, net shape part production, visual inspection mid-forming, ideal for complex geometries

Recent News

New 25” Sheet Hydroforming Press Installed in Science, Technology and Engineering Plant

Beckwood Press Company has built and installed a 25-10-12SC Triform deep draw sheet hydroforming press for one of the United States’ leading science, technology and engineering companies. The client facility is known for its diverse combination of low-volume, high mix production, and was looking for a forming solution to handle that type of operation. more...

Beckwood Press Company to Offer Complimentary PressLink Remote Connectivity

To further enhance Beckwood’s industry leading service and to support the end goal of eliminating unplanned downtime for Beckwood machine owners, Beckwood Press Company has announced the inclusion of a remote connectivity system designed to offer complimentary more...

Beckwood Press Company to Offer Pre-Preventive Maintenance Technology

With the goal of eliminating unplanned downtime, Beckwood Press Company has developed a Pre-Preventive Maintenance (PPM) technology which utilizes integrated machine intelligence to monitor the performance of Beckwood-manufactured equipment, and automatically alerts key personnel more...

Beckwood Press Company to Supply Custom Hydraulic Press to Fike Corporation

Scheduled for completion in late 2014, the press will be installed in Fike’s Blue Springs, Missouri, world headquarters. The press is the fourth custom hydraulic press provided to Fike by Beckwood. more...

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Beckwood services the following industries: Aerospace & Defense Automotive Agricultural Appliance Construction Energy / Oil & Gas Job Shops Lighting Medical Rail R&D / Educational Transportation Beckwood presses have been engineered to tackle the following applications, among others: Forming Compression Molding Hot Forming High-Temperature Hot Forming Drawing Stamping Blanking / Punching Coining Assembly Pad Forming / Sheet Hydroforming Powder Compacting Tank Head Forming Steel Rule Die Cutting Trimming Stacking