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Beckwood was one of the first companies to solely focus on the build to order needs of the hydraulic press industry. As such, our engineers are experienced in consistantly working to improve our product technology for many different types of applications. We utilize these improvements to standardize our desings and value engineer our presses for efficiency and rigidity. Click on our hydraulic press example link for a wide variety of examples

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press ManufacturingExtra Long Heavy Duty Guide Bushings

The ram slide bushings on Beckwood Presses are designed to be low maintenance, non-wearing components. They consist of a proprietary, non-metallic cast material. Due to the unique properties of this rugged and proven composite material, there is no wear of the bushing surface provided that the ram is periodically lubricated. There is also no guess work on the lubrication schedule. This is determined by a simple visual inspection confirming that the ram slide maintains a uniformly greased surface area, or wetted appearance. In high production applications, the press can be outfitted with an auto-lubrication system to ensure proper lubrication.

The most significant advantage of the Beckwood bushing system is the massive amount of guidance provided to the ram. Even for minimal designs consisting of 20" tall ram bushings, each bushing provides greater than 375 square inches of guiding surface area. This serves to minimizing the lateral wearing forces otherwise subjected to a short ram slide with a metallic bushing. The uniquely tall ram slides also provides outstanding ram rigidity, bed to ram alignment and repeatability.

No Beckwood Press has ever required the bushings be replaced due to failure or wear. The bushings are designed to last the life of the press. Should the bushings ever become damaged through misuse of the press or failure to lubricate the ram slides for an extended period, replacement of the bushings can be performed. This can be accomplished on site or at the Beckwood Press facility depending upon the construction style of the press. Please consult the factory for more information on this subject or for specific information regarding your press.

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press ManufacturingService and Reliability Through Testing and New Technology

Every press system is engineered and constructed using proven methods based upon our historical success. Once the press and equipment is engineered, it is subjected to rigorous simulation analysis through FEA design testing before it is manufactured. We utilize this stress testing software for structural rigidity testing of all press equipment.

Regardless of the level of sophistication, each press undergoes an exhaustive review through our Quality Control Certification Testing (Q.C.C.T) program. This review is updated throughout the manufacturing process and subjects every press system to continuous duty cycling, insuring hydraulic system integrity and performance at peak production rates. After delivery, Beckwood's customer service department monitors start-up and offers expert assistance when needed.

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press ManufacturingBeckwood Press Company Expands Plant For Larger Machines

Beckwood Press Company has expanded our manufacturing plant in St. Louis, MO U.S.A. to accommodate our growth in the hydraulic press industry and to allow for further technological advances.

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic PressBeckwood Designs Presses for Extreme Off-Center Loading

Beckwood Press Company offers an answer to off-center loading problems with a press designed specifically to balance the hydraulic system for multiple load requirements. These machines are rigidly guided, and able to significantly reduce machinery costs by incorporating one press to handle multiple die sets and progressive die application needs.

Beckwood was recently asked to deliver a press that would handle three individual die sets for a leading agricultural and products supplier. The press was designed to accommodate trimming and punching dies with varied part requirements. Beckwood Engineers studied the application and designed one hydraulic press for their multiple, but pre-determined, load requirements. This reduced the initial concept from three separate presses into one efficient machine. Beckwood was able to utilize their innovative guidance system, combined with customized hydraulic technology, to provide a simplified solution for the customer's off-center loaded application.

This hydraulic press was engineered to handle dedicated die requirements of 80 tons of force at press centerline and 48 tons to the right and left of press center. Each station can be operated independently of one another, or in tandem, for work with dedicated dies. Other press specifications include a 36" x 72" bolster, 12" stroke and an automatic ram slide lubrication system. Beckwood designs their presses specifically for each customer's exact needs, and can provide off-center loading presses with a wide range of options and specifications. More information about this specific example can be found by visiting our website at: http://www.beckwoodpress.com and typing in 315 in the Press Example Number search engine box at the bottom left side of the homepage.

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic PressBeckwood Press Co. develops innovative SSE Hydraulic Presses

Challenged to provide a solution for an application with a leading customer in the Appliance industry, Beckwood Press Company engineered an innovative new hydraulic press entitled the Straight Side End-Frame Hydraulic Press (SSE). Through this experience, Beckwood has developed this technology further for many challenging conditions. These hydraulic presses, offer the rigidity of straight side press assemblies with the advantages of cylindrical guidance. The SSE ranges in size, stroke, speed and features and can be built from 250-2000+ tons.

The straight side end frame hydraulic press design serves to unitize the frame and offers superior structural integrity. This, coupled with elongated cylindrical guide bushings and a heavy duty tie rod construction, increases performance for all challenging conditions. Many SSE hydraulic presses are built with a heavy duty tie rod construction and are equipped with an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC control system with an Allen Bradley Panelview Interface. More information about these specific example can be found by visiting clicking here.