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SSD Variable Frequency Drives

Beckwood custom hydraulic press systems can be integrated with Parker Hannifin’s SSD Variable Frequency Drive Technology, which provides greater benefits when compared to hydraulic press systems outfitted with traditional variable frequency drives. 

In addition to increased energy efficiency, Beckwood presses outfitted with Parker’s SSD Drives feature simplified hydraulic systems, programmable speed control and pump efficiency monitoring.

Increased Energy EfficiencyBeckwood Hydraulic Press SSD Variable Frequency Drive VFD Technology

A primary benefit to Beckwood presses integrated with SSD Technology, is dramatically increased energy efficiency.  This savings is available due to a hydraulic circuit which draws energy ‘on demand’ as opposed to the constant demand associated with traditional hydraulic circuits.  

Using prospective customers' press specifications, cycle profile & frequency information, and local energy rates for the installation site, an analysis can be conducted which offers a clear comparison between the SSD systems and those which feature a traditional hydraulic design, including a payback schedule.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

An additional operational and maintenance benefit associated with Beckwood hydraulic presses equipped with SSD Drives is the elimination of complicated and inefficient Servo & Proportional valves, while maintaining a high degree of performance & control over the press cycle, including programmable ram speed.

Servo & Proportional valves are intolerant of contamination, are expensive to repair/replace and incur significant energy loss as the energy is transferred into heat from the pressure drops of oil across the spools.  Filtration, oil conditioning and maintenance requirements are also reduced.  Pressure filters required by Servo/Proportional valves can be eliminated and fluid cleanliness requirements can be significantly relaxed when going from Servo/Proportional systems to those featuring SSD Technology.

SSD Technology also allows the user to monitor pump efficiency directly through the HMI.  Signs of decreased efficiency and premature pump wear can be detected early, aiding in the prevention of unexpected pump failures and unscheduled downtime. This pump performance monitoring, in addition to Beckwood's On-Board Particle Detectors, contribute to Beckwood's 'Pre-Preventive Maintenance' initiatives, with the end-goal of eliminating unscheduled downtime.

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