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Rubber Pad Forming Presses

Pad Forming Process

Beckwood custom hydraulic pad forming pressHydraulic press rubber pad forming is the process of forming shallow parts with a rubber or urethane pad (or pads) which are confined within a pressure chamber attached to the press ram.  Rather than attaching the tooling to the ram, as in traditional hydraulic press forming, pad forming tools are placed, unsecured, onto the flat surface of the lower platen. This allows the downward pressure of the pad to form the material around the tool.  Multiple parts can be run in a single cycle, as long as the tools & blanks fit into the working area of the press.

Cost Efficient Technology

Hydraulic pad forming presses are uniquely designed for short run parts with low up front tooling costs.  Instead of expensive and complex matched die sets, which are associated with traditional press forming, the rubber or urethane pads act as a universal female, which results in tooling consisting of only the male form block.

Standard & Customizable Configurations

In addition to Beckwood's line of standardized hydraulic pad forming presses, we also can draw from our extensive experience as a custom manufacturer of hydraulic press equipment to engineer a hydraulic pad press for your specific application needs.

Size, pressure, daylight, pad box depth, ram speed, rubber pad durometer, etc. can all be engineered around your manufacturing requirements.

Additional options include control system sophistication.  Systems range from a standard PLC control system to Beckwood's Productivity Package, featuring an Allen Bradley Touchscreen with programmable cycle parameters, job storage and recipe handling.  Additional components such as safety guarding, preform stations and Beckwood's Energy Efficient VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Technology can be incorporated into a made-to-order hydraulic press system.

Click here for a sample of Beckwood's custom hydraulic pad forming press examples, or select the link below to access our standard hydraulic pad forming press literature.

Heated Platen Hydraulic Press

Beckwood's Standard Pad Forming Presses