Saint Louis MO

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  • Used to manufacture firewall insulation board by a leading manufacturer of building products
  • 31” x 136” bolsters
  • 14” stroke Parker Cylinders
  • Ram speeds: 24.5 IPM approach; 0-15 IPM pressing; 35 IPM return
  • Active Leveling Control (ALC) 4-Corner Control Package for extreme bed-to-ram parallelism
  • Integrated upper & lower conveyor system for part loading and unloading
  • Automated side rails and end stops for material containment during pressing
  • Integrated spreading mechanism for applying the part material to the conveyor at programmed thicknesses
  • Hydraulic power system with 80 gallon oil reservoir
  • Oversized ram guide bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity
  • Bolt on expanded metal guard covering sides of the press
  • Kidney loop filter/cooler circuit
  • Electric fan powered oil cooler
  • Allen Bradley PLC, programmable control system with touch screen and recipe handling