Saint Louis MO

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  • Platt Luggage:  www.plattcases.com
  • Precision cuts polyurethane to be used in carrying cases for tools and equipment
  • 2" x 44" x 60" bolsters
  • 24" stroke Parker Cylinders
  • Ram speeds: 194 IPM approach; 0-40 IPM pressing; 198 IPM return
  • Hydraulic power system 
  • Industry leading oversized ram guide bushings for superior ram guidance and rigidity
  • Equipped with four-axis self leveling precision parallelism control for programming of desired cut height to (+/- .001") with performance of (+/- .002")
  • Closed loop control for each corner of the press utilizing four cylinders, each with independent high performance directional control valves, linear measurement and axis control
  • Multi-axis hydraulic synchronization control module is used for parallelism control
  • Automatic ram slide lubrication system 
  • Thermostatically controlled fan powered cooling system
  • Light curtain guards the front opening of the press
  • Bolt on expanded metal guards with interlocks
  • Three stack lights above station control panel programmed to display press operation
  • Pedestal mounted controls with dual ergonomic zero force touch buttons with anti-tie down, anti-repeat circuitry
  • Allen Bradley PLC, programmable control system with touch screen and recipe handling - Level 2