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MetalForming Magazine Webinar

Oct 02, 2014-Oct 02, 2014

This webinar will provide valuable information on modern metalforming technologies. Attendees will learn about 3D part-simulation software, 3D printing/additive manufacturing of tooling and sheet hydroforming, and how combining these technologies provides speed and efficiency.

Modern manufacturers are no longer are bound by traditional methods of manufacturing. The time and expense needed to develop tooling and verify forming-process variables no longer are required. Companies who combine these three technologies can give their customers rapid turnaround times with minimal development, tooling and labor costs. The resulting competitive advantages will act as a clear market separator, with early adopters to the future of manufacturing holding the upper hand.

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Nov 11, 2014-Nov 13, 2014


Georgia World Congress Center             

Atlanta, GA USA

Beckwood Booth # B1807

Triform Booth # B1809