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Hydraulic Press TerminologyStroke
The amount of possible ram travel. Stroke is the total distance that the ram can travel, from full extension to full retraction.

Shut Height
The distance between the bed bolster and the ram bolster when the ram is fully extended. This is also commonly known as the Closed Height. As standard, this dimension is usually within "0.25" due to assembly processes. For precision shut height requirements, consult the factory.

The distance between the bed bolster and the ram bolster when the ram is fully retracted. This is also commonly known as the Open Height.

The removable plate that serves as the working surface for the bed and ram. The plate is typically bolted to the bed and ram substructures. The bolsters can be machined with a variety of work holding features such as; T-Slots, Drilled and Tapped Holes, Lift Rails for Quick Die Change, etc...

Stroke Control
The ram travel of the press may be controlled in a variety of ways. Most hydraulic presses are standard with Adjustable Retract Limit Switches to limit the retract distance of the ram (also know as the Up Limit Position). This can shorten cycle times by only utilizing the required stroke for part loading and unloading. Other adjustable limits may include: Slow Down Limit for deceleration from Fast Speed to Slow Speed; Bottom Stop Position and/or Bottom Stop Pressure, etc...

Bottom Stop
By Pressure:
- The press may be designed to 'return on pressure'. This method utilizes a pressure sensing device which is adjustable and is set to determine the desired maximum pressure to be achieved by the ram. Once this pressure is achieved, the ram typically completes the cycle by returning to the home position or Up Limit position.
By Position:
- The press may be designed to 'return on position'. This method utilizes either a position sensing device or a limit or proximity switch that can be set to signal that the desired ram extension has been achieved.

Bed Height
Bed Height is the distance from the bottom of the hydraulic press structure to the working height or top of the bed bolster.

Hydraulic presses are capable of maintaining force on the work for extended periods of time. This is typically accomplished by using pressure lock valves or variable volume pumps that are remotely controlled for precise and long periods of pressure holding.

Bed Cushion
A bed cushion is a commonly required for draw tooling and is a system that applies resistance when pushed upon. This resistance can be dynamic or statically controlled throughout the stroke. Bed cushions have a "pusher pin plate" that is located just beneath the bed bolster. The bed bolster is provided with multiple through holes where "pusher pins" are inserted. These pins are used by the tooling to generate resistive force as the hydraulic press ram pushes down. The cushion can also be configured for multiple control zones for on-the-fly dynamic control.

Remote Power Skid
Some press applications may require that the hydraulics be located remotely from the press itself. Other applications may preclude the power system from being able to be installed at the top around the crown structure of the press. In these cases, the power system and even the controls may be designed into a separate unit capable of being placed adjacent to the press or away from the press.

Heated Platens
These are plates that have heating capabilities. They can be heated using electric rods, steam, oil, water or other medium. These systems usually require thermal breaks between the heated plates and the hydraulic press structure. Heating controls can be separate or fully integrated into the press control system.

Throat Clearance - In c-frame, or gap frame presses, throat clearance is defined as the distance from the vertical centerline of the ram to the back of the press behind the bed. This distance allows you to determine the diameter of blanks and tools that can be positioned within the press.

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