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Beckwood is known for engineering & manufacturing hydraulic presses to the specific needs of their customers. This ability to customize includes press safety devices & systems. From a press which simply provides terminals for the connection of customer-provided safety devices, to one that, from the Beckwood factory, meets the higher-level safety requirements of North America (ANSI Hydraulic Power Press Safety Standard B11.2) and Canada (Canadian Safety Standard Z 142.02), Beckwood can engineer the press to conform to the safety standards of your specific organization.  



Safety First

Every custom press manufactured by Beckwood conforms to the United State’s OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Association) standards and includes redundant solenoids to control hazardous motion of the ram. Parker “Style 55” safety couplers for hydraulic cylinder-to-ram attachment are included, as are terminals on the main control panel for the connection of safety devices such as safety gates & light curtains.


Beckwood customers requiring a higher degree of safety can choose from the following options, which Beckwood will integrate into the press design:

  • Ram Safety Catcher System (RSCS):

The RSCS holds the ram in any position of the stroke and is designed for the static load of the ram and tooling. The RSCS is monitored via a safety PLC to ensure proper functionality. A typical RSCS brand used by Beckwood is SITEMA.

  • Safety PLC:Hydraulic Press Light Curtains

A safety PLC is provided to monitor the performance of safety monitored valves and the RSCS, if applicable.

  • Light Cutrain:

A strip light transmitter and receiver are provided to guard the desired opening of the press without the use ofphysical obstructions, such as hard mesh guards. The transmitter sends a beam of light to the receiver either directly or by bouncing the light off mirrors for multi-sided access. When this ‘curtain’ of light is broken by an operator’s hand or other obstruction, the downward movement of the press stops and the ram retracts to the home position. Light curtains keep the point-of-operation free for loading and unloading while ensuring continued operator safety.

Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) is also available. PSDI affords the ability to use the removal of the operator’s hands from the curtain to automatically signal the next cycle. This increases throughput, prevents the operator from having to manually cycle the press, and ensures safety is maintained. PSDI can be set up for single break or double break depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

  • Physical Guards:

A variety of physical guards can be integrated into the press design to prevent access to the point-of-operation. These guards feature safety interlocks to ensure they are in place during press operation. Typical physical guards provided by Beckwood feature a metal-mesh material to maintain some degree of visibility with the working area. Other options include a variety of Plexiglas guards which provide a physical barrier without sacrificing visibility.

These can be offered as fixed guards, as doors with hinges, or as vertically sliding gates which open through a powered mechanism or via a counterbalance system.


Press Safety Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press

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