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Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press Manufacturing

Beckwood Custom Hydraulic Press Manufacturing


Beckwood was one of the first companies to solely focus on the build-to-order needs of the hydraulic press industry. As such, our engineers are experienced in constantly working to improve our product technology and efficiency for many different types of applications. The following examples include some of our most recent hydraulic press solutions.

Beckwood Press Company Offers Custom Multiple Post Press Designs Offering Unique Benefits

A recent trend with regard to customer requests is the use of multiple post designs.  Incorporating multiple posts (more than 4) can offer the customer multiple benefits. 

First, by decreasing the span, or distance between the posts, on larger bed presses, the height of the structural weldments can be decreased.  This naturally decreases the amount of steel required to meet the stringent structural integrity standards of Beckwood and, therefore, lowers materials costs.  This also allows Beckwood to maintain an ideal working height (bed height) on higher tonnage machines that would traditionally require a tall bed weldment to effectively handle deflection.  Customers with large bed presses who do not need four-sided access to the part might consider this option as a way to minimize the cost and maintain ideal working heights without the need for expensive pits or working platforms.  The 10-post, 1,000 ton example shown to the left/right is an example of this design strategy.  More information on this specific press can be found here.

The use of multiple posts has also aided Beckwood customers who have needed multiple, independent rams within a single structure.  In addition to control & hydraulic system features which allow for this ‘two-press-in-one’ setup, bisecting the structure with an additional post can maintain structural integrity, allowing each station to be run at the customer’s discretion.  Depending on process variables, this approach can eliminate the purchase of two independent machines, saving the customer valuable capital and floor space.  An example of this design strategy in-action can be seen in the photo to the left.  This same press was recently featured in an FF Journal article which can be found here.

Beckwood Offers Both Gib- and Post-Style Hydraulic Presses

At Beckwood Press Company, we are known for our custom post-style hydraulic presses, featuring our own poured and cast bushing systems for extremely accurate guidance and durability. But for customers who prefer gib-guided systems, Beckwood also offers 4 & 8-point gib solutions. Beckwood Press Company recently manufactured a 230 ton hydraulic gib-guided coining press for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Features of the made-to-order press include a custom bed cushion and part ejection system for integration with the customer's existing tooling.

The press also features a fully programmable control package providing the ability to input and store cycle parameters for recall via part number (up to 2,500 recipes). As system pressure and ram speed control are critical to the customer's application, both variables are programmable through the machine's 15" color touch screen HMI. Several safety systems are integrated into the design, including a pneumatically actuatd Plexiglass gate and a SITEMA brand 'safety catcher' for redundant load holding of the ram at any position throughout the stroke. For more details on this specific gib-guided coining press, click here. Also, view this press in action by clicking here.

Beckwood Press Company Adds Capability to Decrease Lead Time

The Beckwood Press Company recently announced an expansion of their manufacturing capabilities with the addition of a new HAAS 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center. "This new VMC will allow us to accelerate our delivery times for those projects that require precision tooling, automation and assembly equipment in addition to our hydraulic presses," says Jeff Debus, Vice President. "The larger size and capability of the 4-axis control will allow Beckwood to reduce previously outsourced machining requirements." Beckwood has seen significant increases in requests for single source vendor responsibility, whereby customers are procuring not just new built-to-order hydraulic presses but the tooling, material handling and feed equipment such as pick and place, part transfers and coil feed lines. Beckwood is focused on continual product improvement, technology advances and value added equipment to accommodate all customer integration needs.

Beckwood and Boeing Team Up to Build Innovative Compression Molding Press

For The Boeing Company, a continual search for new technology has kept them thriving in the aerospace industry for almost 100 years. Through their many research facilities and manufacturing plants, they are able to stay ahead of the technology curve. Boeing Canada Technology in Winnipeg is an important composite manufacturing center for The Boeing Company, and the applied technology they develop is utilized to expand the horizons of worldwide flight. They have teamed up with the Beckwood Press Company to develop a customized press to reduce costs for their current product, and develop new parts for Boeing's cutting edge passenger plane technology. The new press is currently being utilized for the fabrication of Boeing 737 and 777 slat track flex tabs.

Boeing found a press company who was application competent and able to work with their engineers to develop the project. "Beckwood Press was chosen as they offered the best value and could meet our (Boeing Canada Technology Winnipeg) tight time lines. They were also willing to integrate the press and control system with the custom pre-heat processing oven that was being built here," said Boeing.

The confluence of this relationship was a 230 ton capacity hydraulic press that utilizes an up-acting design with highly precise 32" x 44" heated platens. Beckwood was able to combine a variety of engineering specifications from their experiences with different types of applications to create a press with a high level of control over position and speed. "Hydraulic presses have evolved over the years and have made great advancements in controls and flexibility" says Jeffrey Debus, Vice President of Beckwood Press Company. "We utilize our own standard and proven designs from our vast experiences in a multitude of industries, to tailor the perfect press for each customer. Boeing was an interesting project for us, as it required many different performance criteria that we satisfied through previous systems that have been proven out over the years."

For more information on this press, see the November issue of Manufacturing Engineer Magazine, (scroll down until you see "press Produces Laminate Components")

Beckwood Press Co. Develops Innovative SSE Hydraulic Presses

Challenged to provide a solution for an application with a leading customer in the Appliance industry, Beckwood Press Company engineered an innovative new hydraulic press entitled the Straight Side End-Frame Hydraulic Press (SSE). Through this experience, Beckwood has developed this technology further for many challenging conditions. These hydraulic presses, offer the rigidity of straight side press assemblies with the advantages of cylindrical guidance. The SSE ranges in size, stroke, speed and features and can be built from 250-2000+ tons.

The straight side end frame hydraulic press design serves to unitize the frame and offers superior structural integrity. This, coupled with elongated cylindrical guide bushings and a heavy duty tie rod construction, increases performance for all challenging conditions.

Many SSE hydraulic presses are built with a heavy duty tie rod construction and are equipped with an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC control system with an Allen Bradley Panelview Interface. More information about these specific example can be found by visiting clicking here.

Other Technologies

Please contact a Beckwood sales representative for more information about Beckwood's new technologies including:

*Rotary Index Table Integration
*Advanced Control Features with our Productivity Package
*Tooling/Feed System Integration
*High Speed Pre-Fill Systems
*Our new SolidWorks 3D Modeling and Design Analysis Software