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When you purchase a custom hydraulic press from Beckwood, the line of communication between your team and Beckwood doesn't end at delivery & installation.  Our mission is to create a lasting partnership with our clients, which includes a commitment to industry-leading customer service & technical support.


Beckwood manufactures presses that get the job done, but of equal importance, we manufacture presses that are easy to maintain, service & support.  Decades ago, the first custom hydraulic presses Beckwood engineered and built were for our own internal use.  And because we were responsible for the service & support of those first hydraulic presses, we put a considerable amount of thought into engineering systems which facilitate service & routine maintenance tasks.  To the benefit of our customers (and our service & support team), we've held on to that perspective.


Beckwood uses high-quality, off-the-shelf components. We also match our component part numbers to those of the original component manufacturer, sharing this information with our customers. So when a replacement filter is needed, for example, it can be ordered through Beckwood, or directly from your local supplier. The choice is yours. Beckwood is in the business of manufacturing quality hydraulic presses, not selling replacement components.


Many Beckwood presses are equipped with FactoryTalk modules, which allow Beckwood engineers to connect remotely with presses in the field. This facilitates troubleshooting, saving everyone involved time & money. It also allows for the remote installation of program updates and facilitates operator training without the expense and time associated with on-site travel.

For example, when Beckwood customers have the to train newly-hired operators on their Beckwood press’ recipe functionality, they are able to connect with Beckwood technicians remotely via their FactoryTalk module.  Beckwood Controls Engineers are then able to log on and take control of the press, right from their desk at Beckwood. The training program is handled remotely, ending with Beckwood Engineers monitoring the performance of the new-hire until it is clear the system’s functionality is understood.

Also included on many Beckwood presses are diagnostic systems which act as a ‘check engine’ light for your press. If an issue occurs, this tool can cut troubleshooting time down considerably by giving the maintenance crew real-time information. For example, the status of press inputs & outputs – which ones are working as designed and which are not – can be reviewed through the HMI with a clearly-labeled Green Light/Red Light system. This takes you right to the source of the problem so you can address it quickly and resume production. 

Each press is inspected with a variety of quality control checks before it is shipped to our customer's facility. Beckwood Hydraulic Presses are cross-checked with the customer's specifications and our own comprehensive testing runoff. Our user manuals are easy to understand and operation training is available for all new presses. Excellent service continues after delivery by experienced technicians who provide phone and e-mail assistance for questions ranging from simple maintenance to complex technical issues. We pride ourselves in responding to customer questions with information and solutions in a timely and professional manner.