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What We Do

Beckwood weldment in progressBeckwood manufactures quality hydraulic presses, automation systems and machines that are engineered to our customers' specific application requirements.

Our presses are built for infinite life.

Made for you. Made to last. Made in the USA.  

Who We Service

Beckwood systems are engineered for customers in a variety of industries including aerospace & defense, energy / oil & gas, automotive, construction, agricultural and more. Beckwood customer companies range from small, independent manufacturers to multi-national corporations with global footprints.

Beckwood is an industry leader and has a global presence in the hydraulic press marketplace, with installations across the globe (United States, Mexico/South America, Canada, Europe, India, China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia). 

Map of Beckwood global installations

How Our Equipment is Used

Beckwood custom presses are used for a variety of applications including hot forming, compression molding, sheet hydroforming, punching, assembly, deep drawing, coining, powder compacting and more.

What's Important to Us

Engineering presses for infinite lifeOur customers’ overall satisfaction with Beckwood’s people, processes & products is our top priority.

Beckwood manufactures the entire press in-house. We take pride in our ability to quickly convert your press requirements into a well-defined end product. Our just-in-time philosophy always leaves us at the cutting edge of technology because we are able to improve our hydraulic presses each time a new system is manufactured. These reasons, coupled with a responsive and highly trained sales and engineering staff, make us the choice for quality, made-to-order Gib-Guided, 4-Post, 2-Post, C-Frame and Benchtop hydraulic presses. 

With a custom Beckwood hydraulic press, the possibilities are endless because we design systems that are "Made for you. Made to last. Made in the USA." As a result, our customers are able to shift focus away from the press and onto other aspects of their manufacturing process, confident in the knowledge that their press design & performance matches the application requirement.


Who We Are

Beckwood foundersBeckwood was founded in 1976 by Charles P. Becker, Jr. In the nearly four decades since, it has been Beckwood’s people who have continually set us apart.  Our team’s belief in Beckwood’s Core Values serves as an anchor in everything we do, both internally and for our customers:

  • Honesty: Employing truth to govern personal actions
  • Integrity: Earning the trust of others by doing what is right, even when it’s inconvenient
  • Responsibility: Assuming ownership for personal actions, assigned tasks and duties
  • Respect: Our actions will demonstrate that every person is important and appreciated
  • Excellence: Striving to perform every job or action in a superior way
  • Perception: Being accountable for the way our actions and communications are given and received


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